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About your Frame Drum Teacher

Hello, I'm Marla… a Grammy-nominated musician and one of the few female frame drum specialists in the world today.

Having studied music since I was three years old, music is my first love and greatest passion! I hold a BFA & MFA in Percussion and have been fortunate to study with some of the most world-renowned, inspiring teachers and leading masters in frame drum, Indian and West African drumming.

Delighted to pass on what I’ve learned, I’ve now been teaching for over 25 years. I have seen, first-hand, the amazing power of music to help heal and bring joy. Over 15 years ago, I first started helping students online, when that kind of learning was a strange new world.

The Frame Drum Academy online is my dream child. Born in 2015, we currently have hundreds of happy students and are growing by the day!

Here's what Marla's students say (testimonials):