Frequently Asked Questions!

We have covered our most commonly asked questions below!

★ Q: Is there a payment plan available?

A: Yes, you can either pay in full or select our easy 4-month payment plan option!

We want to make our courses accessible to all by giving you the choice to budget for your rhythmic investment. In a nutshell, we want you there with us!

★ Q: Do you offer a refund policy?

A: Yes! Our courses are completely risk-free. Drum away for 14 days after the first download, and if, for any reason, you decide it isn’t for you, simply email us and we will refund you... it's that easy!

*First download is July 4, 2021 *Refund policy ends July 18, 2021

★ Q: I won’t be online much, can I download the videos in advance?

A: Yes! All of our videos are downloadable. Enjoy ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! 

★ Q: Do I have to attend all of the live Q&A calls? Will I miss anything in the program if I can not attend the calls?

A: No, they are just there if you have questions, challenges or would like extra support. I do not do any teaching in the calls, just answer students' questions.

★ Q: What is the difference between FRAME DRUM 101 and FRAME DRUM 202?

A: Both programs feature an incredibly rich curriculum and deeply transformative experience for students. The difference is just the level.

Q: With the Bundle, can I take Frame Drum 101 now and Frame Drum 202 the next year?

A: Yes, that is exactly what I recommend!

★ Q: Is there really LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the program content?

A: Yes! My students have lifetime access to the full program(s) of their choice.

★ Q: What is the best drum for this program? Where do I purchase a drum? What is the difference b/w the drum heads?

A: I recommend a 16" as a good drum to play in all three styles that we will be learning in this program!

For more info on the various drum sizes, companies and drum heads Click Here

Special Gift: All students of the Academy receive a 10% a Cooperman Frame Drum! Discount code given after signup - that you can use for TWO drums!


★ Q: How do I watch the instructional videos?

You will receive a video download each week starting the first week the program starts.

Videos are available on our easy -to-use website OR you can download the videos to your computer to watch on other devices.

★ Q: Do I have to follow along with the group? 

A: No! This is your journey. The programs are designed for you to go at your own pace. You may find it more fun/interactive to go with the group, or better to learn/practice in your own time.

★ Q: Do I need any prior music or drumming experience to participate?

A: Not at all! Total beginners are warmly welcome. Many of my amazing graduates began their musical journeys through the Frame Drum 101 program.

★ Q: I have limited computer skills - will I be able to follow your programs?

A: Thanks to some clever tools and a lot of planning and thought, my programs are VERY easy to use. I’ve designed them to be as simple and user-friendly as possible.

★ Q: How much time do I need to devote to learning?

A: It really depends on your dedication, as well as your own musical goals and schedule. 

Most students report spending between 20 minutes-2 hours on drumming each week, but since you set the pace, you can follow along as the videos are downloaded or in your own time. 

★ Q: What are the benefits of learning online with The Frame Drum Academy?

A: There are SO MANY benefits I don’t even know where to begin!

But just for starters, you get lifetime access to all 275+ videos, 8 bonuses, learn at your own pace, support and encouragement, new friends across the globe and incredible savings (a fraction of the cost of college courses/private lessons). Oh, and a 10% discount on Cooperman drums.


★ Q: May I change program levels?

If you find yourself in a program that is either too easy for you, or too hard, it is possible to switch. The switch must be done within the first module!!

★ Q: After I finish the program, what do I do with my new-found drumming skills?

A: Ahh… that is why I have created slots in Modules 1-3 that are dedicated composition weeks, where we learn wonderful drum pieces that incorporate the techniques students just learned. You can use these to play with others, or even teach a workshop or perform.

★ Q: When will this training be offered again?

A: Currently, The Frame Drum Academy is open for enrollment just once a year, and I can’t confirm the date, pricing or format for the 2022 program. Time to start your music journey now!

Any more questions? Just email me - I’m here to help!