“I love studying with Marla. She is pure inspiration. Her Frame Drum Academy is super accessible and filled with tons of great learning. I’ll be chewing on this information for a long time! I love that she teaches 3 different ways to play- free style, lap and traditional hand held as it makes it really easy to transition these skills to other hand percussion. And then there is the Solkatu! I love it ! 

I am even able to use it for cognitive challenges as I work with my older adult dementia clients- it gives all of our brains quite a work out.  The way Marla teaches frame drumming is all about body brain and soul! Lots of soul!”

Marilyn McLaughlin, Los Angeles (Frame Drum 101 & 202 Grad)

“Loved the Frame Drum Academy Program. Amazing detail & easy to follow.

Highly recommend. I was hesitant about how much I could learn online, but was pleasantly surprised how worthwhile the course was in improving my technique & playing.”

-Jennifer Thomas, Sydney, Australia (Frame Drum 101 Grad) 

Marla is such a generous and empowering teacher! Her passion for drumming is infectious and her desire to share it with others fuels and animates her lessons in a way that makes them robust and accessible. I learned so much in the program! I went from not playing a musical instrument at all to drumming for my yoga classes in a couple of months.

Not only has Marla and her Frame Drum Academy turned me into a musician; but I also have increased my confidence, my desire to share my talents with others, and my passion for music and rhythm. I cannot recommend this program enough!

-Meaghan Beishline, Ohio (Frame Drum 101 & 202 Grad)

“Joining Marla’s Frame Drum Academy pushed me through the boundaries of only using my shaman drums with a beater. Now I practice with my hands, varied strokes in three different styles. It gives a lot more opportunities to combine with my songs.”

– Bodil Kreative Jorgenson, Finland (Frame Drum 101 Grad)

“Marla is a brilliant musician and teacher. I have been so impressed with her detailed, easily-digested lessons that lead the student step by step through frame drumming and practice techniques. She also is extraordinarily generous of her time and encouragement, and she’s created a real frame drumming community for her students via dedicated Facebook pages as well as periodic on-line live video sessions.

As a result, I feel very connected to her and the other students. I took the beginning course last year, and I am excited to continue with the intermediate course this spring. I highly recommend the Frame Drum Academy Online.”

Linda Schneider, Chicago (Frame Drum 101 Grad)

Enrolling in Frame Drum Academy was one of the best things that I have ever done. I never imagined that I could be the drummer that I am today. Marla not only teaches the skills necessary to play the frame drum, but she teaches how to use those skills to improvise. In this way, each drummer is able to share their own creativity through the song of their drum.”

– Kristin Roberts, Conn (Frame Drum 101 & 202 Grad)

“Marla’s enthusiasm and heartfelt commitment to her students shone through every aspect of the program. The instructional videos were very clear and I love having lifelong access to the them”

– Janis McCallen, Ontario, Canada (Frame Drum 101 Grad)

“This journey with Marla felt like a connection into an ancient lineage of rhythm, healing, and the Divine Feminine.”

-Alaine Meek, Utah (Frame Drum 101 Grad)

“Marla’s teaching is excellent and opened up so much for me. She taught technique in simple bites and expanded a simple sentence with added techniques. Her teaching is excellent.  The solkattu section is still opening up doors in my brain. So much appreciation for Marla and all the hard work she put into the Frame Drum 101 program.”

-Susan Freeman, Ohio (Frame Drum 101 Grad) 

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